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Explore Italian Food in Emilia Romagna

Italy - History, Art and Beautiful Landscapes

Italy is a country known and praised for many things, top of them being its history, beautiful landscapes and the majority of art and artists famed for having revolutionized art itself. Another thing it is well known for is its cuisine.

Italian food has also long been heralded as being among the best in the world and if you are a food junkie, which I assume most if not all of us are, this piece is going to highlight a part of Italy you may or may not be familiar with.

Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna region of Italy is without a doubt close to being called the food capital of the world. It is home to a large number of truly authentic Italian foods and cuisine that you could not afford to sample anywhere else. For the true foodie, adding Emilia Romagna to your travel itinerary as part of the many food tours you aspire to take should take top spot…It is simply a must visit place. Below we’ll take a look at some of what makes this part of Italy the great food ‘capital’ that it is.

Some of the foods to sample in Emilia Romagna

In Parma

Parma is situated in this region of Italy. As earlier mentioned, the Emilia Romagna is a wide region of Italy that houses a number of great cities affiliated with top food quality. Parma is famous for its cheese making prowess. While in this city, you can take one of the many Parmesan cheese tours available and go on a sampling spree of some of the best cheese you’ll ever taste in your life. The cheese is made from milk supplied by cows that have received the best care and natural growing grass in the area. The high quality milk means you get high quality cheese and that is exactly what you’ll taste here.

Aside from cheese, Parma is also home to some of the best known ham in the market. When you tour the city, you can also get the chance to see how Parma ham is made in one of the many ham making facilities or companies around.

In Modena

When it comes to the discussion about what real balsamic vinegar is, the one produced in Modena beats any other kind hands down. The balsamic vinegar here is so good you can afford to drench a little bit of it on any and I mean any kind of food you’re having. From pizzas, cheese, bread and even ice cream! The balsamic vinegar is that good here.

In Bologna

Bologna is one of the best known Italian cities due to a number of reasons. This piece being about food however, we’ll stick to the food part and as you probably guessed, it has a lot of yummy stuff to offer. What comes at the top of the list though is the pasta. No place beats the pasta produced here and trust me when I say it’s worth the visit. It is also home to a number of famous dishes that make use of ingredients supplied from the neighboring cities in the Emilia Romagna region. This city is also so technologically advanced in its food preparation and production that it is currently considered the top gastronomic hub in the food industry.

Bologna is also famous among its visitors for the truffles it hosts. For touring parties, some facilities offer truffle hunting as an activity and whatever you manage to find you can have prepared for you in a perfect gourmet meal.

In Riccione

This port side town is one of the most popular sea resorts in all of Italy. With the sea next to it, Riccione houses some of the finest sea food dishes that are sure to take your breath away. The supply is always fresh and constant so you can be assured that whichever spot you pick for a meal, you’ll always have the best. Aside from the majestic sea food it offers, the city is also famous for some its meats, in particular salami which is ever popular with tourists who flock the city every year.

The wine

This list would be incomplete without the mention of wine. A number of the cities in the Emilia Romagna region also produce wine, some being tipped to be among the best not only in Italy but on a global level as well. On your tour of the region, be sure to sample some of the wine from the many available wine makers, traditional and large scale.

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